Invisible problem for everyone

Air pollution impacts our health daily and nobody notices.

Client: Ministerio de Salud


Climate change is a real problem that impacts large cities, from Lima to Barcelona, ​​nobody is saved.

All citizens must take care of their inhabitants of the environmental impacts that their services generate.

Although we are increasingly aware of this problem, it is difficult to see its effects immediately and daily. One of these effects is air pollution, which profoundly affects people's health.

Every day when I go running, I feel my body as if I had returned to the cigarette

Corredor del Malecon de Miraflores


From speculative design techniques, new ways of playing and at the same time being aware of our surroundings are sought.

Trend Research

An investigation of trends in technology and environmental problems as well as consumption was made.

Rapid prototype

A concept was created from the test with people who could be potential users of the game.


A story was designed around the game that would explain its benefits but also align the growth of the product as a service.


The present are the children

Children are the early adopters of various technologies, quickly naturalize many technology functionalities.

Infant Ambassadors

Children are a fairly large influence on the decisions their parents make in their family and influence the ideas parents have about their environment.

Real education

The education of children directly influences their future on the environment and positive behaviors with it.

Technology is not a problem

With the development of smaller microprocessors it is easier to create pieces of internet of things


A living being that needs clean air to grow.

Bug in the air

First prototype


An internet-based game of things (IOT), where children can play with the level of pollution in places where they live or play.

Since they need to grow their bugs, making them have more time in green areas playing with the elements of nature with other children and at the same time be aware of the importance of clean air.

Skill Bars


Nahun Saldaña

Director de proyecto y diseño de servicios

Aaron Julian

Dirección de arte y prototipos

Michael Hurtado

Investigación de Tecnología

Sara La torre

Psicologa experimental y ux research

Malu Romero


Pedro Gomes

Anális de negocio


My works are iterative, I always have something to improve .

Wisdom from the informal economy

Discovering opportunities between informality and small entrepreneurs in Peru.

I work into entography research about micro economics from entrepeneur en Perú

The power of virtual wallet.

Opportunities for new uses in a digital product that helps small traders

A bathroom for anyone

Re designing the experience of going to a public bathroom in a train station.

Play to take care of the air we breathe

A game that talks about something that is not to play.

The power of simple "Hello"

A sound installation that promotes the importance of greeting us.

After school What?

Research on the opportunities and challenges of the child after attending school. Its impact on their environment and on them.

Clients & Partnerts

I have worked with projects from different sectors

Nahun is incredibly easy to work with, open minded, positive and innovative. He has the ability to really think holistically and strategically about the big picture while simultaneously making each challenge feel fun and purposeful. He has a lot of great experience, is good at listening and is very open and direct with his ideas, which is very helpful in discussions. I would definitely be happy to collaborate with Nahun again.

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Jon Somerscales Experience Planner, Dare West


I am interested in collaborating with new projects on technology, service design, social innovation and unimagined projects.

I love people with ideas and ventures that have a good purpose, if you have an idea or project where you think you can collaborate, write me.

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