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A technological solution for personal care professionals

Client: Loar


Being the world of personal care such an intimate world it is difficult to find a trusted professional quickly and effectively.

At the same time, personal care professionals have many problems when managing their appointments.

The personal care industry is increasingly more professional and diverse in its offer, while technology allows us to find mechanisms to increase trust and create strong links between professionals and clients.

I feel like I lose my personal life from running from client to client

Stylist Profesional


There are many truths within the industry, but we knew that going to a specific region we need to check the value proposition and its scope.

Create a naming and branding.

We work in a name that is easy to remember and that maintains the elegance and care that the market expects in this type of solutions.


We define the value proposition aligned with the brand values.


We created a concept of a person that allowed us to imagine possible solutions and then test them.

Remote testing

We create an iteration system to improve functionalides with remote testing.


After the investigation we found new features to redefined the value proposition.

Geographic location

The possibility of locating clients and professionals anywhere.

Automatic payment

Avoiding the inconvenience of charging and paying with the customer will always improve the experience.

Marketing campaings

The possibility that the professional can manage their marketing campaigns for their clients by giving them offers and discounts.

Reputation and evaluation

Both the professional and the clients consider it important to see evaluations of the people they are dealing with.


we create a useful and easy-to-use application for both the professional and the end user.

Skill Bars


Nahun Saldaña

Lead UX design and UI


My works are iterative, I always have something to improve .

Wisdom from the informal economy

Discovering opportunities between informality and small entrepreneurs in Peru.

I work into entography research about micro economics from entrepeneur en Perú

The power of virtual wallet.

Opportunities for new uses in a digital product that helps small traders

A bathroom for anyone

Re designing the experience of going to a public bathroom in a train station.

Play to take care of the air we breathe

A game that talks about something that is not to play.

The power of simple "Hello"

A sound installation that promotes the importance of greeting us.

After school What?

Research on the opportunities and challenges of the child after attending school. Its impact on their environment and on them.

Clients & Partnerts

I have worked with projects from different sectors

Nahun is incredibly easy to work with, open minded, positive and innovative. He has the ability to really think holistically and strategically about the big picture while simultaneously making each challenge feel fun and purposeful. He has a lot of great experience, is good at listening and is very open and direct with his ideas, which is very helpful in discussions. I would definitely be happy to collaborate with Nahun again.

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Jon Somerscales Experience Planner, Dare West


I am interested in collaborating with new projects on technology, service design, social innovation and unimagined projects.

I love people with ideas and ventures that have a good purpose, if you have an idea or project where you think you can collaborate, write me.

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