The Ashaninka army's sonorous weaponry: 1980 - 2010

Nahun Saldaña Macedo

We are all green.

A trip to one of the most fascinating resistance stories in Peru.

Connect with their environment.

We have a lot to learn from them and the ways in which they connect with their environment. For example, building bridges with our ecosystems that are healthier and more sustainable.

Community resistance

A fanzine that recreates the most interesting resistance actions of one of the most powerful communities in Peru: the Asháninkas.

The power of sound

Sound can be one of those least intrusive and most revealing approaches to our survival as a species. This small text tells the story of one of the most critical moments in Peru and how the conscious use of sound helped survival.

Nahun Saldaña · Armas del sonido. Ejercito Asháninka

Our ecosystems

This text pushes us to reflect on sound as a way of finding ourselves in our ecosystems. To promote being aware of our limitations and potentialities.


Nahun Saldaña


Jon Somerscales


Sara La Torre Dávila

collaboration and editorial

Atenea Kun Ugarriza


Raffa Giordano


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Pages : 10



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