After school What?

Opportunities beyond school in children in Peru.

Client: La victoria Lab


The school is one of the first spaces of socialization where you learn the good and the bad.

Education is always thought of as the solution to the most structural problems in society, however education goes beyond the school space

The importance of generating educational spaces beyond school can be an opportunity to transform society from the education of children

I always hope to leave school as quickly as possible to come and play

Boy playing in network games


From various observation techniques behaviors, patterns and attitudes were located in crowded spaces students after their classes.

Space observation

It was located places where there were more students


He spoke with various establishments that offered courses to students or non-students


How can we help students find coherence between the school world and their life outside of school?


Children actively participated in the process, helping to project their moments after school and what they enjoyed most.


I develop a system of patterns from the findings of different universes

Virtual empathy

Understand the languages ​​that accompany it after school, which is usually related to the world of video games

Shadowin participativo

Various dynamics were developed to understand their main concerns and objectives at this time after school


The game and the dispersion are two of the components to design a methodology that goes beyond the school and the academic field.

Skill Bars


Nahun Saldaña

Research y comunicación transdisciplinaria

Michelle Borda

Research y creatividad

La victoria Lab

Gonzalo Perez Paredes

Jimena Salinas

Kevin Armstorng


My works are iterative, I always have something to improve .

Wisdom from the informal economy

Discovering opportunities between informality and small entrepreneurs in Peru.

I work into entography research about micro economics from entrepeneur en Perú

The power of virtual wallet.

Opportunities for new uses in a digital product that helps small traders

A bathroom for anyone

Re designing the experience of going to a public bathroom in a train station.

Play to take care of the air we breathe

A game that talks about something that is not to play.

The power of simple "Hello"

A sound installation that promotes the importance of greeting us.

After school What?

Research on the opportunities and challenges of the child after attending school. Its impact on their environment and on them.

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I have worked with projects from different sectors

Nahun is incredibly easy to work with, open minded, positive and innovative. He has the ability to really think holistically and strategically about the big picture while simultaneously making each challenge feel fun and purposeful. He has a lot of great experience, is good at listening and is very open and direct with his ideas, which is very helpful in discussions. I would definitely be happy to collaborate with Nahun again.

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Jon Somerscales Experience Planner, Dare West


I am interested in collaborating with new projects on technology, service design, social innovation and unimagined projects.

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